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  Our company is a large modern enterprise what integrating scientific research、development production and trade.Our company located in the southeast of Shandong.
Rich in natural resources.There is a important supply base for pig、vegetable and  poultry  of china. Convenient transportation and densely populated.The company mainly produces all kind of ready-to-use products such as prepared food、pasta、canned、cooked vegetables and frozen vegetables.
    Our company main products include:Prepared Food(All kind of Poultry,Beef potato pie, meat pie ,Fried/rstd/smoked meat product and etc.)Asparagus tea products,Pasta food(spring roll,Curry Corner
Steamed dumpling, Dumping, Long Pao, Shao Mai and etc.)Canned food(canned aquatic product,canned vegetables,canned fruits,canned beefsteak and etc.)frozen vegetables and frozen fruits(green asparagus, peapods, potato,tri-color pepper,Spinach,sugar snap peas, brocoli, garlic, strawberry, yellow/white peach and etc), Agricultural products(Garlic, chestnut, ginger, onion、Low-temperature frying food、fast food product and etc.
    All kinds of company product certification is complete, since 1996 and HACCP plan implementation, in 1998 start to get the ISO9001 certification, heating the flesh of animals products containing convincingly in 2001 for agriculture and forestry aquatic product authentication, Japan province hot-working poultry products respectively in 2005 and 2007 to South Korea and Japan for export access certification, the hot working meat products in 2007 through the South Africa, the company registered as "shandong agricultural industry leading enterprises". In 2009 the company whole through the ISO22000 food safety quality system authentication, lose the quick-frozen vegetables and frozen spring rolls products from 2008 four years through the eu BRC certification.
  The products are mainly exported to Japan, the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Australia and domestic market. By customers both at home and abroad and the consistent high praise.President&General manager Mr. Shen Hengbao hope to establish the good business relations with customers.

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